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Monthly Archives: January 2006

A quarter of the revisions done…and stomach flu hits…

I’m twenty chapters or so into the edited manuscript, making changes and printing out a clean copy as I go. So far, there hasn’t been any mind-bending revision, just various chunks of story that needed clarification or simplification. Probably the biggest challenge is going to be redoing my time lines. I had planned on putting […]

It’s baa-aaack.

Here it is. The edited manuscript, waiting for me to go through every page. By February 4. That’s my table of contents, pinned on the board to the left, for my reference. And taped up in front of me is a list of synonyms for “war” (conflict, strife, quarrel, squabble, battle, fray, clash, skirmish, brawl, […]

Frantically finishing maps

Starling Lawrence called yesterday to tell me that the manuscript was on its way back to me and would arrive this evening or tomorrow morning. He’s made various suggestions for clarification (apparently my account of the war of the Kauravas and Pandavas in ancient India left him scratching his head), but he doesn’t think the […]

The dreadful Author Questionnaire

Normally we do school with the kids Tuesday-Saturday (and take Monday off), but Saturday was so beautiful that we went and had a picnic in the woods instead. So here we are, fancy-free and sitting on a tree… A nice morning. When I came back, though, there was an email waiting for me: “The marketing […]

Got any great cover ideas?

Star has just emailed me to say, “The art department wants to know if you have any ideas about art for the front.” He thinks that an action scene of some sort would be preferable, since it goes along with the story-telling style of the book. Any ideas? The book ends, by the way, with […]

An excerpt: Chapter Four

So the book is now officially on the Norton schedule–February 2007. Since it is, as my editor says, “twice the size of an ordinary book” (apparently there won’t be big cuts), he’s hoping to get it back to me in time for me to make corrections and then return the corrected manuscript to the Norton […]

Writing catalog copy

No major changes yet…

The madwoman in the chicken shed

From attic to chicken shed.

The madwoman in the attic

My tiny office…

The manuscript is finally in the mail, all 1100 pages of it…

The manuscript, all 1100 pages