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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Plugging along, as life continues

I’ve got eight more maps to draw, so I’m still just plugging along here. It occurs to me, a little late, that a blog about writing is going to consist of a lot of posts that say, “Well, I’m still working on it…” This map work is so repetitious that I’m bribing myself in all […]

Negotiating the permissions maze

I’m almost done with the maps (only fifteen left to draw), and I’m bracing myself to face the permissions nightmare. The Norton guidelines for clearing permissions say that every direct quote from an outside source must be cleared if it exceeds “fair use” guidelines, which are: 300 words or less of prose Any amount under […]

Wrapping up one big project while starting the next…

I’m organizing myself to finish up the production stages on the History of the Ancient World while also turning around to face the next big project. This is a complicated arrangement. For one thing, the production stuff I have to finish up is not terribly exciting: I’m working to finish drawing the maps so that […]

The trip to New York

Well, I’m back from that alternate reality–the one where people keep buying me wonderful meals (thanks, Star and Jenny), and where all I have to do is walk through the streets of Manhattan, shop, drink coffee, and hang out at the public library meditating on medieval manuscripts. Yes, I’m sure I’d get tired of it […]

And the universe blows a raspberry in my direction…

I should NOT have said that about everyone being done with the flu. Sure enough, Friday night, It Got Me. I don’t know what is so peculiarly horrible about an upset stomach, but it turned me into a snivelling wreck. My nine-year-old got up in the middle of the night with a nightmare and found […]

The great unknown challenge of revising a manuscript…

Reading your editor’s handwriting. Hmm. At least everyone is done throwing up. (How’s that for inviting the universe to smack you one?) If I can get these revisions done by tonight, I can put the manuscript in the mail tomorrow and it’ll arrive at Norton on Monday when I do. Otherwise I’ve got to put […]