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Monthly Archives: April 2006

It’s ba-a-ack, redux

Yesterday, without warning, a HUGE cardboard box arrived on the porch, courtesy of the FedEx man (who has not been warned about the existence of the omnivorous beagle). Yes, the copy-edited manuscript has arrived. I am supposed to go through it, check all the red-pencilled changes to make sure that I agree with them, and […]

Journey to the West Coast

I’ve been travelling and speaking again–this week to an education conference in Kelowna, British Columbia, which has a beautiful lake and mountains. I don’t get to go to Canada very often, and it’s a treat to connect with my Canadian readers. Kelowna, snapped from the road above my hotel Happy Canadian readers The hospitable and […]

The cover! It’s on Amazon! It’s real!

Today, the book showed up on Amazon for the first time! It’s so early in the process that there’s not much information on the page yet, but go visit it anyway: History of the Ancient World. And here’s the final cover: usually pulls its information from the Norton sales catalog, which I have not […]

In search of expert readers (and the spring crop of baby chicks–)

The maps have gone, and illustrations are going this week–I’m just waiting on one last image, of the Midas Monument, which I had to buy from Corbis. (For $425. They’re the expensive place.) Now I’m in desperate need and throwing out a call to my readers. HELP. I need experts. I’ve researched and researched and […]

Lecturing, panelling, and parties…

I’m back from Philadelphia, where I guest-lectured at Westminster Theological Seminary, sat on a panel about education, and made plans for BookExpoAmerica. And I forgot my camera. So a few details of all the above, entirely illustrated by stock photos… I earned a Master of Divinity at Westminster in 1991 and I have very fond […]

A multitude of details and duties

The news of the weekend: Sarah Dunning Park, my wonderful map-artist, has finished all 99 maps. I’ll be sending the hard copies on to Norton for copyediting next week, after which she’ll probably tinker with a few of the elements (font sizes, line styles, etc.) before the finalized maps go on disk to the production […]