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Monthly Archives: May 2006

And now for something completely different

Since a number of my readers have asked about the Whiz Bang Automated Chicken Plucker, I’m happy to report that it had its first outing yesterday. (Click on any picture for a larger version.) The experiment began with that vital first step, so central to all Virginia farm rituals: all the men stand around and […]

BookExpo in DC

I’m just back from BookExpo, the yearly national convention for publishers and booksellers. The conference runs Thursday-Sunday, but as it was in DC this year–a short train ride from Richmond–I just went up Friday morning and came back Saturday in time to show up at the Charles City Clergy Conference All-Church Picnic. (Talk about moving […]

Design decision: timelines

I had an email today from Morgen, my editor’s assistant at W. W. Norton, asking my opinion over the design of the time lines for the end of each chapter. The book designer has sent along three variations, which are close in format but not identical. Any opinions about which design is the most readable? […]

It’s gone off again, redux

Well, I finished going through the copyedits and making all the corrections at around 8 PM last night. Since Norton needed the manuscript back on Monday, I took it over to the post office first thing this morning and overnighted it. (Item: It costs $53.72 to overnight a thousand pages of manuscript from Charles City, […]

Envy, malice and all uncharitableness

The Norton Fall-Winter 2007 catalog has arrived, with the History of the Ancient World included. (Norton publishes two catalogs a year, one called Spring-Summer for books published in April-August, and one called Fall-Winter for books published in September-March.) The catalog is primarily used by Norton’s sales reps, who go around selling books to the major […]

Newly published review-essay

A very brief note: my review of a new book by Peter Enns has just come out in the thought journal Books & Culture. You can read it here. And I was much entertained yesterday when a friend sent me a link to this blog entry at Common Ground. “You have committed one of the […]