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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Today’s soapbox: What’s wrong with history

This morning I finished the outline for Volume II of the history series and sent it off. (Always odd to be planning for the next book while you’re still watching the previous one go into production…) So I am thoroughly mounted on my Why World History Is Important soapbox, and thought I’d share with you […]

Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit…

I have Done It. Working late in my Chicken Shed Office, after nightfall, while the rest of the family lolls around inside eating popcorn and playing Settlers of Catan, I have finished the dreadful Author Questionnaire. And I have not only finished it (all 48 pages), but have now filed it, so that when I’m […]

The proper temperature at which to scald a chicken (and other matters).

My photo-chronicle of the Great Chicken Plucking seems to have raised a burning question in dozens of minds: what is the proper temperature at which to scald a chicken? The answer, according to my mother (seen scalding a chicken below, with the help of our neighbor from across the road), is 140-145 degrees (F). Less […]

Vancouver, that author questionnaire (again), and the book goes to composition

This week’s update comes from Surrey, British Columbia, just south of Vancouver; my mother was supposed to lecture at an education conference here, but a family emergency kept her home, so I came up to pinch-hit for her. (It takes a LONG time to get from Virginia to Vancouver, no matter how you do it.) […]