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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Dispatch from Modesto

I’ve just finished giving six workshops in Modesto, California, at a very cheerful and well-run convention where every room was packed with people. Here are the Californians at my last workshop, happy to wave for the camera despite the fact that it was 5 PM on the second day of nonstop workshops, and dedicated to […]

Emerging, dishevelled, from the groves of academe

Do you know what THIS is? THIS, my friends, is a DISSERTATION. “The Art of the Public Grovel: Public Confession and Scandal Management in the Twentieth Century.” From Aimee Semple McPherson and Father Divine through Jimmy Carter (remember the lust in his heart?), Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Edward Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Cardinal Bernard Law. […]

A writer’s education

We do school year-round with the kids, because that gives us plenty of flexibility to take days off whenever we’ve all HAD it (and because they get VERY bored with a three-month summer break). This tends to make the years ooze into each other, so that I have to stop and think to figure out […]

Publicity photos and the next six years

Many thanks for the blurb suggestions below; I made a list of the names and sent them along to my editor. I’ll let you know whether we actually GET any raves for the back cover. I don’t mean to overdo the reader polls, but my brother the photographer has just sent along files of the […]

Searching for blurbs

Before I get to the main matter of this post, here’s a reflection on the mysterious nature of heredity. From the Whiz-Bang Automated Chicken Plucker post, here’s my father, triumphant with chicken: From the Kill the Wabbit post, here’s my son, triumphant with rabbit: Here they are superimposed (thanks, Charlie): Weird, huh? Now to business. […]