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Monthly Archives: September 2006

And the winners are…

The Great ARC Draw took a little longer than I expected, mostly because we had to print out all the comments and cut them apart by hand. I shamelessly bribed Dan and Ben to help me out, so they cut all the entries apart, and put them in my cake-mixing bowl. My husband, agreeing to […]

ARC drawing update

The drawing for ARCs of The History of the Ancient World will take place today at 5 PM, Virginia time. 206 entries, three chances to win. Check back in!

The weirdness of being a semipublic figure

As of last count, 189 names have gone into the hat for the ARCs. On Monday I’ll recruit my children to help me with a ceremonial drawing, and I’ll post the results. That update on the dissertation is going to have to wait until next week, due to circumstances beyond my control. Instead, humor me […]

The first pass goes back

So many of you would like an ARC that I’m going to see whether I can winkle two more out of Norton and give away three copies instead of one. That improves the odds a little bit, right? On September 25, I’ll draw names and post the winners. If you’d like to add yourself to […]

The arrival of the ARCs, and a raffle offer…

Today a big box arrived from Norton, filled with my ten copies of the ARCs–the Advance Reader’s Copies, otherwise known as galleys. These are paperback, bound copies of the first pass typeset pages (errors and all), made expressly for the purpose of sending copies out to reviewers at journals and magazines which have a long […]

A week in which (almost) no writing got done

It’s Saturday night, around 10 PM, and my sorely missed husband is due back at 2 AM. After we all do church on Sunday and then crash on Monday, it’s back to a normal work week, and those page proofs for the History of the Ancient World, which looked like this two weeks ago: and […]