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Monthly Archives: December 2006

A productive mess

In the kindness of their collective hearts, Norton decided that 1) it would best to give me until January 2 to finish giving them input on the index, and 2) it would be easier for me to evaluate the index if they sent me a final copy of the book–all corrected, with maps and acknowledgments […]

Becoming more high-maintenance

The index to The History of the Ancient World arrived yesterday, under the worst possible conditions. Background: This pre-Christmas week was cheered by my unscheduled visit to the hospital. I won’t overindulge in details. Suffice it to say that the visit lasted three days and involved an undignified amount of throwing up. Neither will I […]

“Those amorphous weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas in which nothing seems to get done”

I can’t remember where I read that particular description, but it suits this time of year exactly. There’ve been no particular publishing milestones since my last post; mostly I’ve just been slogging along on Volume II (and reading a fascinating biography of Genghis Khan at bedtime), as well as revising my dissertation (for the final […]