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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Spring travels and the Great Green Robe

In May, a writer’s thoughts lightly turn to…airports. Yes, the spring speaking schedule is well underway. At the moment I’m sitting in the Richmond airport, waiting to catch a Delta flight to Orlando. When I checked in, the desk agent said, “Thank you for flying Delta. Your plane is on time. We apologize ahead of […]

Foreign sales news

I had word from Norton’s foreign rights department this week that THE HISTORY OF THE ANCIENT WORLD has now been sold to three foreign publishers. This week’s offers came from Prozorets of Bulgaria and Paidos of Spain. I REALLY wish I could read Bulgarian. These aren’t my first foreign sales. The Korean publisher Theory & […]

Baby announcement!

NO, NOT ME. (Just to get that out of the way.) My brother and his wife welcomed their first baby over the weekend: Bob and Baby Eight pounds, thirteen ounces; for more pictures, go here. Her name is Dorothy Jean Rainbow Wise; Rainbow because we all nicknamed her Rainbow before she was born (as a […]

Spring toads, books, baby chicks, and Her Majesty

Well, folks, I still haven’t seen much in the way of reviews, but look at the front table of the Barnes & Noble on Merchant’s Square in Williamsburg! I tend to get a little behind with blogging in the spring, because while I’m still writing away on my regular projects (just now, I’ve got two […]