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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Dispatch from ALA, web conferencing, foreign sales, no reviews…

I came back from the American Library Association conference with a bad cold, so it’s taken me this long to post an update. Norton scheduled me to do a signing at their booth at 11:30 AM on Saturday, the first full day of the conference. Signings are rough. If no one shows up, you sit […]

The day may come when I will write a REALLY good sentence. But it is not this day.

So this morning’s task was to haul children to the dentist for the six-month checkup–a process that always seems to highlight my maternal inadequacies. This time around I did manage to remind everyone what grade they’re in (one of the hidden pitfalls of home schooling; my children always say “Huh?” with not-so-intelligent looks when they’re […]

And so back to school (revertimus ad ludum)

What with travelling and beautiful spring weather, I decided that May would be a good month for the kids to have some time off school. We don’t usually take a summer vacation; everyone gets bored after three or four weeks, and anyway no one wants to go outside in Virginia in July or August. So […]

Dispatch from BookExpo

This past Thursday I took off to New York for the yearly national publishing conference, BookExpoAmerica. Last year the conference was in DC, and next year it’ll be in L.A. This year, though, it was in the Javitz Center in Manhattan, a huge and very badly air-conditioned venue stuffed with hundreds of publishers, thousands of […]