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Monthly Archives: August 2007

No post this week ’cause…

We’re off to the BEACH. See you next week.

The Book of my Enemy

My friend Lauren is visiting this week, which means we’ve spent hours and hours talking about the spiritual toxicity of publishing–another name for the the unpleasant dynamic produced by the double truth that 1) while recognition, publicity, and acclaim are necessary so that books can sell and pay the bills, 2) the active pursuit of […]

My first publicity tour! And it’s in Korea!!

Exciting news! My Korean publisher, Theory & Praxis, has invited me to come to South Korea in November for a little bit of a publicity tour. Theory & Praxis, which has published the Korean edition of the Story of the World series from Peace Hill Press over the last few years, has also acquired the […]


So this afternoon my husband is driving peacefully back from Williamsburg, along our nice peaceful country road, without another car around for miles, when a HUGE BRANCH falls off a tree overhead and spears the passenger side of the car. He’s a little bashed up but mostly OK, although in need of many cookies and […]

The best present a writer could ever receive

Today’s my birthday. I will get back to writing about writing in the next couple of days, but today I get to drink coffee, eat whatever I want, and open presents. My favorite thus far is from Christopher: a doll with pins to shove into it, part of a coping-with-stress kit (“An anger management program […]

The first-fruits of the sabbatical

Hey, I’m not writing during August. (See below.) Look what I did instead! My mother planted a huge garden this year and then went off to Seattle to visit my brother, leaving tomatoes dropping on the ground. So, rather than watching them rot, I canned them. I’ve helped my mother can all my life, but […]