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Monthly Archives: September 2007

In search of great golden phrases

Back home from the West Coast now, contemplating the last week of my sabbatical-from-bread-and-butter-writing and thinking about how to manage the fall tasks. I’m feeling more rested than when I began the sabbatical, but I haven’t yet made much progress in getting back to writing some fiction. There’s a bit from Dorothy Sayers’s mystery Gaudy […]

Dispatch from the West Coast

I flew into Sacramento on Thursday to give a series of workshops in Roseville, at the CCHE convention. And was greeted, as always, by a wonderful and enthusiastic group of Californians who sat in a rather dim room for very long hours and listened to everything I had to say. I took my second son […]

The mid-sabbatical report

We’re back from the beach–Cape Hatteras (we barely outran the tropical storm), where we mostly ate cookies and swam, although we had the occasional outing to Places of Historical Significance. Where the boys mostly learned about… …weapons. And so did the Warrior Princess. I’ve occasionally had parents complain that the Story of the World is […]

And now for something completely different

It’s the Tuesday after Labor Day, so a long-awaited email has just pinged its way into my mailbox. That’s right: it’s Royalty Day. On the first business day of September and March, I check my email about every ten seconds, waiting for a message from my agent. When it finally comes through, it will say […]