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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Dispatch from New Orleans

I’m not doing too much writing this week because I’m in New Orleans at a family reunion; my father was born and raised here (De La Salle High School, LSU medical school) and today we met up with his first cousins to wander around town, finding all the houses where everyone lived forty years ago. […]

The Art of the Public Grovel

News on the book front! The editorial board of Anonymous Prestigious University Press has approved publication of my academic study of public confession. Which means that I am now going to unmask them: the mystery publisher is Princeton University Press. We’re now in the contract negotiation stage of the process. Getting a book approved for […]

Sleeping hard

Now that I’m well back into the Middle Ages, hammering out a final scheme for the second book in the series, I’m increasingly aware of how little time I have left. That spring deadline is looming large and near. So I’m always trying to find a few extra hours to work–especially since two of my […]

The Tale of Offa and the Arabic Coin

I’m still in the eighth century. Struggling valiantly (and slowly) toward the ninth. Here’s my favorite story of the week. Once upon a time, a king named Offa ruled in the English kingdom of Mercia. Offa, who reigned c. 757-796, had a (relatively) huge empire, big enough so that Charlemagne treated him as an honored […]

Back to work (aka The Most Boring Post Ever)

Here I am, in the first week of October, getting back to work. Monday was our family day off, so yesterday was my first actual day to go down to my office and confront the History of the Middle Ages. So I did. Sat down, started to work out where to begin again (this took […]