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Monthly Archives: November 2007

A few final thoughts upon returning home…

I am thankful to be safely home again. (My own front yard; it’s a beautiful fall, this year.) A few final scenes from Korea, just for fun… The medieval royal palace in Seoul, with the modern world intruding. Squid, drying in long ranks along the shores. Morning tea with the monk on the mountain. Christopher, […]

Adventures! Adventures!

It’s a beautiful, cold, colorful fall week in Korea, and we’ve spent the last two days adventuring. Day before yesterday, we set off south for Gyeongju, the ancient capital of the old Korean kingdom Silla, where I wanted to see the royal tombs: huge mounds of stone with clay and grass covering them, built over […]

The culinary tour of Seoul (in the company of teenage boys)

So far, we’ve spent three days exploring the streets of Seoul, snapping photos of medieval sites and appreciating this new culture. At this point, I could put up my pictures of historic and cultural sights, or I could post my photos of all the interesting food we’ve eaten and seen. Since I’m travelling with the […]

We’re here!!

In Korea, that is, where I’ll be doing a number of interviews to help promote the Korean translations of my books published by Theory & Praxis. Here’s the view out of the hotel window… We’re staying at the Somerset Palace Seoul, which caters to people who can’t speak Korean, which is nice when you stagger […]

Second dispatch from New Orleans

So I’ll get back to the History of the Medieval World tomorrow…but in the meantime I’ve been down in New Orleans wallowing in family memories, along with my father and his first cousins. It’s been quite a wallow, too. My first-cousin-once-removed Ella, who can do anything, arranged for us to take a private tour of […]