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Monthly Archives: March 2008

New phase, new schedule, tired writer

I’ve finally faced up the reality of my History of the Medieval World deadline, May 1. Which means I’ve now admitted that there’s very little chance I’m going to have a finished manuscript in another five weeks. After an eerily complicated exchange of emails with my editor (for some reason I have lost the ability […]

Meanwhile, back on the farm…

This has nothing to do with either the History of the Medieval World or the Art of the Public Grovel. Max (aka Magnus Maximus), the Belgian draft horse I bought a couple of weeks ago, has arrived. I grew up around horses and have ridden for most of my life (that includes a number of […]

New book cover!!!

I’m very pleased to say that Princeton has done a GREAT cover for my upcoming book. My editor just emailed me the file. You know, somehow I never imagined that my name would end up under that particular picture. You’ll note, by the way, that after we considered all the subtitles you so kindly provided, […]

Okay, I might live.

Hi. Yes, I’m still alive, even though I haven’t posted for over a week. I think I’m finally over the flu. With any luck it will be ANOTHER eleven years before I have it again. So…things are looking up slightly here. It’s still kind of winter-grey outside, but the sky is blue, and February is […]