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Monthly Archives: May 2008

BookExpo, the first day: Setting up

Christopher and I flew into LAX yesterday, met Bob and Heather (my brother and sister-in-law), and headed straight for the LA Conference Center to get our Peace Hill Press booth set up for BookExpo. After a few culture shocks on the way, we arrived. The hall was divided up into publisher spaces, and the exhibition […]

Heading to L.A.

Tomorrow morning I’m up at 3 AM to catch a plane for L.A., where I’ll be at Book Expo until Monday, manning the Peace Hill Press booth. (See here for last year’s BookExpo adventure.) At the beginning of this year, my brother and sister-in-law came into the business with me, so they’re coming down from […]

A little help for my friends

My friend and neighbor Charlie Park (whose wife Sarah draws the BEAUTIFUL maps in my history books) has just launched his own company, Pear Budget. Go check it out: it’s an easy-to-use family budgeting system that’s perfect for all of you out there who keep MEANING to budget but can’t quite bring yourself to wrestle […]

Catching up with the mail

I’m still second drafting. Which means I’ve been putting off answering reader emails for a couple of months now; I like answering them, but lots of things get delayed when I’m trying to get out a coherent draft. This week I made a start on the emails. And I also went in and checked my […]

Blackberry winter

I’m back to getting up at 4 AM and writing, writing, writing. The History of the Medieval World is CRAWLING towards completion. I am slightly relieved, on going back and rereading some of the earlier chapters, that they are not quite as dead awful as I originally thought. It gives me hope that my current […]

Dispatch from New York

Conference season has now officially begun! I took off last Thursday to speak at a convention on Long Island (my first time there!), and although I intended to take pictures while I was there, I was lucky to get through it alive. I had a bad cold the day I left and then did a […]