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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Indexing. (Insanely interesting. Really.)

So the next job in getting the Princeton book out: reading through the index. Every publishing contract I’ve signed gives me two options: prepare the index myself, or else allow the publisher to hire a professional indexer and have half the costs deducted from my royalties. On my first book, I checked around with my […]

Dispatch from Seattle

I’ve been in Seattle since Thursday, first speaking at the Washington education conference, and then spending a few days with my brother and sister-in-law and their baby. Daniel and Em came with me to this conference, since they’ve never met their cousin. (Em is thinking about this whole another-girl-in-the-family thing) The flight here was…long. Word […]

Proofreading galleys (aka Crossed Eyes)

When I came back from L.A., the first pass proofs of the Art of the Public Grovel were waiting for me. (Those of who’ve been reading this blog for a while may remember the arrival of the first pass galleys for the History of the Ancient World.) So I’ve spent this week reading carefully through […]

Snapshots from BookExpo

So the big excitement at BookExpo for Peace Hill Press is that Christopher got Garrison Keillor’s autograph, which was even more exciting than Alec Baldwin waving at Dot (as I walked by his signing table with her on my hip–I didn’t know he was there) and saying, “Baby! Hi, baby! Look at the baby!” (Dot, […]