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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Indignation at the RSA

I’m back from the U.K., sitting in the Continental lounge at Newark, desperately hoping that my connecting flight to Richmond will indeed TAKE OFF at some point. I meant to post again while I was in England, but what with one thing and another (“another” being spotty internet connections–“Oh,” says the charming young receptionist at […]

Shrieking and clawing at the chain link fence…

So I’ve been to Broadcast House twice today to do live interviews on BBC programs. Tonight I did Night Waves; you can listen to the program here for the next seven days…endure through the few seconds of dead air, as there were some technical difficulties right at the beginning of the program (and I’m not […]

On the way to Heathrow

I’m sitting in the Richmond area, getting ready to fly to London for a handful of publicity engagements: a Wednesday radio interview at 10 AM on BBC 4, a Wednesday night interview on Night Waves, the BBC 3 radio program, and a Thursday lunchtime lecture at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts. You […]

More reviews ’cause I’m writing and teaching and travelling and parenting–

Well, folks…I had hoped to finish the History of the Medieval World by the end of the summer, but I’m still writing away–which means that I’m feelingly particularly miserly with my time just now, since I scheduled teaching at William & Mary for this fall and also agreed to a certain amount of travelling for […]

School for Scandal: The Truth and Consequences of Public Figures’ Libidinal Lapses

If you feel like settling in for a fascinating long read…here’s a review-essay that just ran in The Chronicle of Higher Education, academia’s professional journal. It may not convince you to run out and buy The Art of the Public Grovel, but it certainly points out just what a difficult election season we’re in for. […]

Adventures at the Princeton Club and elsewhere

Back from New York now…and still laughing about my presentation at the Princeton Club. It went just fine. In fact, my audience got so involved that they started arguing with each other about my thesis and I had to wave them down several times and say, “Hey, can I get to my next point here?” […]