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my progress as I write, revise, send to my editor, re-revise, fact-check, galley-read, and promote my books, including (but not limited to) a multi-volume history of the world. While living on a farm, educating my kids, and teaching. And doing a few other things too.

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May at Peace Hill

May 17th, 2013 by Susan

Greetings from the farm, where a combination of spring tasks (pasture management, fruit tree spraying, spring planting, dosing sheep with concentrated garlic juice, things like that) and lots of writing (new projects underway…very exciting) have combined to prevent new blog posts. I’m back on the job now, though. Promise.

Here’s how things look around here, after all that farm work.

front of house

Strawberries copy

Ben’s summer job. Those of us who live on farms find it useful to have many strong sons who are desperate for gas money.
BEn's summer job copy

The Old Barn, freshly painted for spring.

old barn copy

Goats marching to breakfast.

Goats marching copy

The ewes, in temporary summer fencing, and Mr. Collins, wondering why he doesn’t get to hang out with them.

ewes copy

Mr. C copy

My summer fashion footwear.

fashion footwear copy 2

Mars, the German shepherd. He thinks he’s being helpful. If only he had opposable thumbs.

Mars copy

The donkey believes that someday she will grow up and be a real horse.

donkey copy

Yep. Grass. Over there. Much greener.

waiting for breakfast copy

See? I have been working. Promise. Updates on the writing front coming soon.

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