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Spring is coming…

March 23rd, 2013 by Susan

Here on the farm, spring means fruit tree pruning, sheep shearing, planting, new pasturing…and all sorts of other things.

I’ll be posting photos of these activities as they happen. But this week I wanted to share a quick clip of one of my Leicester Longwool sheep, Mr. Collins.

(When you have sheep, by the way, you find out that each year’s flock should have a “naming theme.” If your flock is small enough to name, that is, which mine is. This flock has a Pride & Prejudice theme. Our two rams are Mr. Bingley and Mr. Collins, with Mr. Collins, naturally, being the black ram.)

If you want to know why this clip, it’s because on this particular morning, it occurred to me that having a large ram and a German shepherd is weirdly similar to having teenaged boys.

They LIKE each other. Really, they do. They just have no idea what to do about it.

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