The History of the (Whole) World

my progress as I write, revise, send to my editor, re-revise, fact-check, galley-read, and promote my books, including (but not limited to) a multi-volume history of the world. While living on a farm, educating my kids, and teaching. And doing a few other things too.

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History of the Ancient World

In 2003, I signed a contract with W. W. Norton to write a four-volume history of the world. The first volume, The History of the Ancient World, came out in March 2007. Check out the archives for the whole story–and follow me through the stages of editing, revising, illustrating, mapping, indexing, proofing, publicizing, and all the other work that will turn the next three manuscripts into books.

The History of the Ancient World is my ninth published book, and my third book for Norton. Find out more about my books on my home page, or read about the small press I run in Virginia.