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The perils of stock art

June 18th, 2010 by Susan

Some time ago an alert reader sent me a copy of this book cover, which he’d noticed on Amazon:

The book was self-published through Amazon and apparently no copies are available, so I have no idea what’s in it. But does it look familiar?

This didn’t really bother me all that much (although I do think it’s kind of tacky), but I checked with Norton anyway. As I expected, it turns out that Norton purchased nonexclusive rights to use that photo from a stock company. We use stock photos for Peace Hill Press cover art all the time (we most often end up using, but there’s always the risk of copying someone else’s cover by mistake. (Or on purpose.)

I was reminded of this when my favorite journal editor sent me a great link I hadn’t seen before–to the Reusable Cover Art gallery, which assembles covers that use the same cover illustration. Be sure to visit it (very entertaining), but here are a few of my favorites…

An embarrassment of polka dots…

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things is NOT the same…

If we flip it, no one will notice! (Wait, maybe we should have reconsidered the title…)

We never get tired of great art…

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