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Category Archives: Coping with the farm

Midsummer evening on the farm

Husband and kids are visiting cousins for a couple of days, I’m writing and writing and writing and all out of words. So…pictures I took on today’s evening walk. Click for a larger view.

Seven degrees in the morning

Seven degrees. That was the temperature this morning. Seven degrees. And this is tidewater Virginia. Seven degrees. Yesterday it didn’t get above freezing, and everything is ice this morning; all the outdoor faucets are frozen up. The younger children hauled hot water from the house to the chickens and the dogs and the rabbits, and […]

The harrow and me

This past week, we finished off the old year by finally having Christmas with my parents, who have been in Seattle with my brother and his family. We kept their presents under the tree until they got back. A multigenerational household has its difficulties–my parents have to put up with noise overhead, messes in the […]

The new year’s tasks

Today was my first back-at-work day since the holidays; we took the week of New Year’s as a holiday, and Monday is our family day, so Tuesday is my Monday as far as work goes. So I thought I’d start the year out right by sharing part of my to-do list with you. Along with […]

Missing in (way too much) action

Why I haven’t blogged for two weeks…let’s see… 1. We got Emily a pony for her birthday because the horses have turned out to be JUST TOO BIG for her to learn on. So we’ve spent a lot of time working with the pony. Also Max, my Belgian draft horse, did not adjust well to […]

And now back to real life.

My fortieth birthday was delightful. I had breakfast in bed and presents and a lovely birthday dinner at home on Friday, and another dinner at the Blue Talon on Saturday. It was a wonderful celebration. So we got home and went to bed. At 2 AM on Sunday, Emily started throwing up. At 4 AM, […]

Blackberry winter

I’m back to getting up at 4 AM and writing, writing, writing. The History of the Medieval World is CRAWLING towards completion. I am slightly relieved, on going back and rereading some of the earlier chapters, that they are not quite as dead awful as I originally thought. It gives me hope that my current […]

Meanwhile, back on the farm…

This has nothing to do with either the History of the Medieval World or the Art of the Public Grovel. Max (aka Magnus Maximus), the Belgian draft horse I bought a couple of weeks ago, has arrived. I grew up around horses and have ridden for most of my life (that includes a number of […]

Loud noises from downstairs…

My husband just killed a mouse. With a frying pan. MY frying pan.

The first-fruits of the sabbatical

Hey, I’m not writing during August. (See below.) Look what I did instead! My mother planted a huge garden this year and then went off to Seattle to visit my brother, leaving tomatoes dropping on the ground. So, rather than watching them rot, I canned them. I’ve helped my mother can all my life, but […]