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OK, I have done it. I finished going through the copyedits on 800 pages of medieval history manuscript. That’s all I’ve done for a week (which is why there hasn’t been a blog post). Copyedits have so much to do with consistency and flow that I find it best to do them all at once, […]

A mature response to the arrival of the copyedits

Thanks for the suggestion, faithful readers.

Wordless Friday, kind of

Well, not completely wordless. I can’t really go completely wordless. But maybe the picture almost speaks for itself. That is the copyedited manuscript of the History of the Medieval World, which is due back on May 22. I put it in a safe place, on this shelf behind my desk. When I sit at my […]

New book update

The History of the Medieval World has just appeared on Amazon! This always makes the book seem much more real to me…despite the fact that there’s still production work to be done. In other book news: the third edition of The Well-Trained Mind (the tenth-anniversary edition) is now shipping from Peace Hill Press, Barnes & […]

History of the Medieval World…catalog page!

I’ve just gotten a copy of the Norton Fall 2009/Winter 2010 catalog, with the page in it for the History of the Medieval World. It’ll be out February 2010. So, just because I want everyone to see it, here it is:

Susan and the index

So last week’s task–one which pulled me away from finishing the edits on the History of the Medieval World (a job that seems to be stretching into infinity, but that’s another story)–was to proofread the index for the upcoming edition of The Well-Trained Mind. Proofreading an index is a weird job. You’re looking not so […]


I have finally nerved myself to tackle the edited manuscript of the History of the Medieval World–which is a good thing since I’ve just learned that it needs to be back, with all illustrations and timelines and as many maps as possible, before the end of February. Which is almost possible. Dealing with the edits […]

Yep, it’s Charlemagne.

You guys are good. The painting is by Jules Laure (1806-1861). It shows Charlemagne receiving manuscripts from his tutor, the monk Alcuin, around 781. Charlemagne is a good choice for the cover of the History of the Medieval World; he represents one of the main themes of the book, the growing tendency of kings to […]

And since this is actually supposed to be a blog about the History of the (Whole) World…

I should probably update you on the progress of the second book in the series. My editor has sent back the first 200 pages with his comments written in. It’s sitting on my desk…I have to nerve myself to tackle it this week… I’m working on the maps for the middle section of the book […]

Now on the Kindle. All 800 pages of it.

As of this week, you can plan on reading the History of the Ancient World on the Kindle. It’s a lot of pages for an ebook, isn’t it? I have a Kindle but haven’t used it as much as I expected to (mostly I take it when I’m flying, since it’s light). It drives me […]