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My adventures with’s Author Page

I visited Amazon a couple of days ago, blamelessly wishing to buy a couple of books, and an invitation popped up: if I happened to be the author of The History of the Ancient World, The Well-Trained Mind, and other books by Susan Wise Bauer, I could construct an Author Page. Simple fact of writing […]

How not to respond to a bad review

If you read my Twitter updates, you probably saw this one: “Never, never argue with a bad review. Chant fifty times. Repeat ad infinitum.” It’s so tempting to explain exactly why a reviewer who didn’t like your book has the comprehension skills of a mole. But every writer I know who’s done this regrets it. […]

Dispatch from Salt Lake City

So I’ve just finished speaking to the very friendly attendees at the Utah Home Educators Association convention. Talked to a lot of readers, signed a bunch of books. I promised a few scenes from Salt Lake City, and here are the ones that struck me… roses (they must like desert air–roses in Virginia don’t look […]

Late afternoon in Utah

I haven’t done a new post for a while because I had to get back from New York, do follow-up, take care of Peace Hill Press business, clean my house, hang out with my children, clean the stalls, and hoe the sunflowers. And then leave again. Drove up to Washington D.C. after lunch and caught […]

From the Floor of BEA 2009: Day Two

This is my last day, since I’m heading out in about an hour and leaving my colleague Suzanne to pack up tomorrow. I have provided her with assistance in the form of my oldest son, Christopher, and my niece Mollie, who has worked for Peace Hill Press during the last year. They’ll be very useful. […]

From the floor of BEA 2009: First day

I’m in New York this week at BookExpoAmerica, where we have a booth next to W. W. Norton (our distributor). We ended up with a double booth this year (I’m not quite sure how it happened, but the extra space is amazing). Reports have said that BookExpo attendance is down, and that several major exhibitors […]

Words to warm a writer’s heart

“This book was so interesting!”–spoken by a ninth grader. A couple of months ago, the daughter of a friend of my brother and sister-in-law wandered into their home office and saw the poster for the History of the Ancient World on their wall. “Hey, we use that book at our school!” she said. Heather said, […]

The Well-Trained Mind Tenth Anniversary conference.

I’ve just spent two full days at the Well-Trained Mind Tenth Anniversary conference in Williamsburg. Our wonderful conference manager Suzanne put this together to coincide with the publication of the third edition of The Well-Trained Mind, and invited Jim Weiss of Greathall Productions to join us (his company is celebrating its twentieth anniversary) for storytelling. […]

Dispatch from Cincinnati

This weekend I’m in Cincinnati at the Duke Energy Center, giving eight workshops on writing, literature, and classical education at the Midwest Homeschool Convention. This is a big and very friendly convention, and I’ve decided that I wouldn’t mind living here if I could eat at the French bistro JeanRo and the gastropub Nicholson’s on […]

When you throw a party for 20,000 and 1,500 show up…

News article today from Publisher’s Weekly, worth reading if you’re interested in publishing… Missed Connection: Christian Book Expo Attracts Few Customers by Marcia Z. Nelson — Publishers Weekly, 3/23/2009 7:50:00 AM Stacks of unsold books and glum publishers stood for three days inside the cavernous Dallas Convention Center this past weekend at the Christian Book […]