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Midsummer evening on the farm

Husband and kids are visiting cousins for a couple of days, I’m writing and writing and writing and all out of words. So…pictures I took on today’s evening walk. Click for a larger view.

Further thoughts on Sanford…

That is, if you’re not sick of the topic. Here are a few of my thoughts: in the Washington Post, and in two audio interviews that ran on NPR stations this morning. on-public-grovels-long-version on-public-grovels

Words to warm a writer’s heart

“This book was so interesting!”–spoken by a ninth grader. A couple of months ago, the daughter of a friend of my brother and sister-in-law wandered into their home office and saw the poster for the History of the Ancient World on their wall. “Hey, we use that book at our school!” she said. Heather said, […]

The real story behind textbooks

My friend Charlie forwarded this to me from Edutopia. It is as though these textbook publishers are operating in a different universe than I live in, the one where I write history and Peace Hill Press tries to publish decent teaching materials. Thoughts, any of you? A Textbook Example of What’s Wrong with Education A […]

You might want to check your RSS feed…

My technologically-alert friend Charlie has pointed out that the RSS feed for this blog has changed (thanks to updates) from to So if you chance upon this post and haven’t been getting regular updates from your RSS feed, you might want to re-subscribe.

What would YOU like to see in your bookstore?

Just out of curiosity… If you teach your kids at home (either full-time, or after their classroom education)…what would you like to see at your local bookstore that would help make your job easier? Educator discount, support group, new shelf organization, particular titles…? I have a few ideas on this but I’m curious to see […]