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Interviews and Articles

BAUERSelected Recent Interviews

  • All About Nimrods at, 3/14
  • Well-Versed in Controversy, Washington Post Lifestyle, 8/13
  • Advice for Newbies, Curriculum, and Terrible, No-Good Days at Naturally Inspired Living, 05/12
  • Conversation with Susan Wise Bauer at Unplugged Mom, 12/11.
  • Distinguished Visitor Series, King’s College, 05/10.
  • The Art of the Public Grovel, at Princeton Public Library, 11/09.
  • W&M Faculty Expert Offers Insight Into Gov. Sanford Story, William & Mary News, 6/2009 (listen to the related audio interview here)
  • Public Apologies, on BBC Radio 3, 10/08.
  • Public Groveling Required to Survive Sex Scandals,with Lewis Lapham. Bloomberg, 8/8/09.
  • A Balanced Classical Model, with Diane Wheeler. The Old Schoolhouse: The Magazine for Homeschool Families 11/08.
  • History as Entertainment: A Cable Channel Walks the Line between Education and Vulgarization,” with Matt Patterson. The Nationa Review, 7/24/09.
  • Questions with Susan Wise Bauer, with Betsy Rothstein. The Hill, 1/07/09.
  • ˜The Sexual sin is a stand-in, it’s a symbol’: Susan Wise Bauer Looks at the Art of Public Apology, with Libby Copeland. The Washington Post, 10/05/2008.