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A productive mess

In the kindness of their collective hearts, Norton decided that 1) it would best to give me until January 2 to finish giving them input on the index, and 2) it would be easier for me to evaluate the index if they sent me a final copy of the book–all corrected, with maps and acknowledgments and page numbers and EVERYTHING. It’s BEAUTIFUL.

So next week I’ll tackle such questions as: Should “civil war” be a subentry of “wars and warfare,” or should it be separate? Should the First Servile War be indexed under “F,” or should the main entry be for “Servile War” with “First” as a subentry?

It may not sound very exciting (and in fact it isn’t), but I’m so glad to be back to history-writing that I don’t mind it. I’ve finished a committee-mandated dissertation revision, which I hope will be the last, and put all my dissertation books away until after the New Year, and I’ve gotten ALL my medieval history maps and charts and books back out so that I can write about the White Huns.

As you gaze at the above picture, you might want to read about why messy desks are a good thing, from the New York Times. This week we’re revelling in all sorts of creative messes, involving not only books and maps but flour and sugar.

I’ve still got at least one child in the more-is-more school of cookie decoration. As witness:

That’s a cookie sheet that reflects a very happy and busy mind.

So a Merry Christmas to all my readers. May your houses and desks show evidence of creativity and happy busyness.