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Design decision: timelines

I had an email today from Morgen, my editor’s assistant at W. W. Norton, asking my opinion over the design of the time lines for the end of each chapter. The book designer has sent along three variations, which are close in format but not identical. Any opinions about which design is the most readable? (I think Norton outsources their book design to an independent design firm, so I’m not taking the misspelled names in the design seriously. Or not yet, anyway. When the galleys for The Well-Trained Mind arrived, the title “Grammar Stage” in the first section was spelled GRAMMER STAGE. On the top of every other page in that whole section. AGGH. That turned out to be the fault of the outside design firm as well, but it makes me nervous every time I think about it.)

Anyway, here’s the first version:

and the second:

and the third: