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“Those amorphous weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas in which nothing seems to get done”

I can’t remember where I read that particular description, but it suits this time of year exactly. There’ve been no particular publishing milestones since my last post; mostly I’ve just been slogging along on Volume II (and reading a fascinating biography of Genghis Khan at bedtime), as well as revising my dissertation (for the final time, I hope).

I did get an email from my editor’s new assistant, asking whether the following bio line is correct for the jacket of History of the Ancient World:

SUSAN WISE BAUER teaches at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. She lives in Charles City, Virginia.

Short and sweet. I OK’d it. (Norton does a beautiful job on book jackets, but for some inexplicable reason, my jacket bio on my last book for them came out reading, “She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.” Which I don’t. And never have, although people keep saying to me, “When you lived in Charlottesville, did you….?” So I appreciated the chance to proof it this time around.)

Apart from that, nothing in particular is getting done in these amorphous days. I’m just writing and writing and writing. And getting ready for Christmas, of course.