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Decision time!

Anyone remember this paragraph from the Author Questionnaire below?

Author Photograph
When you return this questionnaire please send along a glossy print of a recent photograph of yourself. This photo may appear in the catalog and/or on the book jacket, and may be used for publicity efforts and in advertising. If it is a professional photo, be sure the photographer is willing to let it be reproduced and that you have cleared any permission fee required to use the photo on the book jacket and for promotion for our edition and subsidiary editions. Supply the photographer’s name for credit line purposes.

I hate having my picture taken because I feel like an idiot while the photographer is at work. (Not too different from the feeling I get when I’m having my hair cut and have nothing to say to the stylist…) For the last two years, I’ve used a photograph that I love–taken by William McEwen, an innovative and accomplished portrait photographer in Texas. (Visit his website: He took the picture while I was in Houston on a speaking engagement. It’s on my front page:

Unfortunately, I can’t go on using it because I’ve cut all my hair off, and (even more unfortunately) I haven’t been in Texas so that Mr. McEwen can take another one. Looks like I’ll need to find a local photographer.

So weigh in with your opinion here. I need a photo which will make me look both impossibly beautiful and serenely intelligent, while concealing crows’-feet and grey hairs, not to mention the look of discomfort on my face which photographs generally seem to bring out. Here are my local options. Which one would you pick?

C. Ritchie Photography at
Bruce Nelson Photography at
Del Haven Studios at

And for those of you who weighed in on the cover design, below–as soon as I get a cover image, I’ll post it so that you can see the final product.