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Getting ready for spring touring

This week my assistant booked my first flight of the year, which means that the spring travel season is approaching (although it doesn’t LOOK like spring is near at the moment).

As a matter of fact, I walked out onto the porch yesterday to see THIS shocking sight (you may need to click on the photo for the full effect):

which just goes to show just how unused to snow my kids are.

Anyway, back to plans for spring travel. Ever since my first book came out (in 1999), I’ve spoken at education conferences. In years when I have a book coming out, I also have other publicity work to do (interviews and so forth), so I try to keep the conference-travel to a minimum. This year I’m travelling to Cincinnati, March 22-24; Orlando, May 24-26; the Philadelphia area, June 15-16; Northern Virginia, July 13-14; and Sacramento in September.

In non-conference travel, I’m also doing a presentation at the Smithsonian in DC on April 14 (this is the second time I’ve been invited to the Smithsonian); I’ll be at BookExpo in New York May 31-June 2; and we’re trying to decide whether Peace Hill Press can manage a table at the American Library Association conference in late June.

That’s actually quite a bit of travelling, especially since I don’t yet know what kind of publicity I’ll be doing for Norton (although I don’t anticipate that travel will be a big part of it–radio interviews, more likely, which I can do from home in my pajamas).

I’m viewing this schedule with a little bit of trepidation, as I have a few other things to do this year. LIKE WRITING THE HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE MEDIEVAL WORLD, for crying out loud. Why did I say I would do this? (Oh, yeah, I remember. “History of the whole world? Sure! That sounds like fun!” A classic case of “It seemed like a good idea at the time….”)

By the way, I guessed who the barefoot snow-walker was, on my very first try.