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Now, when you say “fertile”…

Yesterday I got an envelope from Norton with the first review-type reaction to the History of the Ancient World. It’s a “Prepublication Alert” from Library Journal–not a review (since they haven’t had time to write one; the galleys just went out), but a notice that the book may be of especial interest to libraries. A Prepub Alert is a good sign. It means interest in the book is beginning to build.

So here’s the notice, in full.

BAUER, SUSAN WISE. The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome. Norton, Feb. 2007. 800 p. ISBN 0-393-05974-X [ISBN 978-0-393-05974-8]. $29.95. First in a four-volume series from a William & Mary professor who also homeschools her four children, this promises to be the work of a very fertile mind.

Which struck me as extremely funny.

Products of my fertile mind