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The Third Review

From Library Journal, which is the third of the Big Three industry journals (the other two being PW and Booklist):


Bauer (American literature, Coll. of William & Mary; The Well-Educated Mind) has produced a good introductory history to the ancient world in this first volume of a new series. Divided into more than 80 chapters, the work focuses on Western history but devotes space to the development of ancient civilizations in China and India. Time lines, 13 illustrations, and 80 maps are interspersed throughout to help guide readers through the twists and turns of assassinations, wars, and natural disasters that largely make up the history of the ancient world. An endnotes and a works-cited section are included. Those looking for a more scholarly examination may want to turn to D. Brendan Nagle’s The Ancient World: A Social and Cultural History, but Bauer’s book is recommended for all libraries needing a good primer on ancient history. [See Prepub Alert, LJ 10/1/06.]-Sean Michael Fleming, Lebanon P.L.s, NH Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information.


I’m still waiting for someone to say that this is THE MOST BRILLIANT history EVER written, but in the meantime, this is pretty good too.