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Time for carbo-loading

Although everyone keeps saying, “You must be thrilled!” I’m suffering from serious post-dissertation-defense limpness. (My good friend Lauren says, “Doesn’t it feel hugely anti-climactic?” Exactly.) Yesterday I went to bed at 10 AM (courtesy of my wonderful mother, who offered to do grammar and music lessons with the little ones while I collapsed) and didn’t get up until 4 PM. Today I’ve been overcome by a desire for carbohydrates, so I’ve been baking: biscuits and bread for breakfast, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and a chocolate sponge cake for tea.

Now I’m wondering just how big and roomy that green doctoral gown IS.

However, I’m slowly returning to service as normal. Which in this case means going back to fretting about the unceremonious arrival of the History of the Ancient World in bookstores; it’s still a week before the release date, but my local B&N has it shoved back on the history shelves, not even on the “New Books” table. Presumably, this means that Norton has decided not to do any co-op advertising. (In case you don’t know, books on the front tables and shelves only get there if the publisher agrees to pay the bookstore a sizable fee.) This is not totally unexpected, but The Well-Educated Mind did get onto the front tables for a little while–and after three years of hard labor I was looking forward to my week in the spotlight. Also I haven’t seen any non-industry reviews yet, except for one incredibly snarky one that Norton publicity emailed to me on Thursday. I opened it an hour before the defense. Not the best strategy. Now I’m just forwarding all of them to my agent unopened so he can screen.

All of this sounds very whiny, now that I look back at it. I will now boot myself firmly in the backside, eat some more cake, and go read up on the long-haired kings of the Franks. It’ll be marvellous to get back to work.

It had better be a REALLY roomy gown…