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Newly published review-essay

A very brief note: my review of a new book by Peter Enns has just come out in the thought journal Books & Culture. You can read it here.

And I was much entertained yesterday when a friend sent me a link to this blog entry at Common Ground. “You have committed one of the classic blunders!” Believe me, that thought has already occurred to me.

For anyone interested in my interview on Mars Hill Audio, it is Volume 66 on this page. Ken Myers asked me how I would organize my university, if I were Queen of the World, and I pontificated on this at great length. About two weeks after the journal came out, I got an e-mail note from the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at William & Mary, where I teach, saying, “Just listened to your ideas on the Mars Hill audio magazine while I was driving into work. Very interesting…”

He was quite kind about my soap-boxing, however; much kinder than I would have been, had I (for example) just listened to someone with no children talk about how easy it is to write a history of the world while parenting four.