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Seven degrees in the morning

Seven degrees. That was the temperature this morning. Seven degrees. And this is tidewater Virginia. Seven degrees.

Yesterday it didn’t get above freezing, and everything is ice this morning; all the outdoor faucets are frozen up. The younger children hauled hot water from the house to the chickens and the dogs and the rabbits, and Christopher and I lugged buckets out to the horses.

Saturdays are school and work days for us (Mondays are holidays). The kids have school lists to finish, Pete has a sermon to wrap up, and I have more maps to do. Maps are on my horizon for the next few weeks. I did get the first two hundred pages of manuscript back from my editor this week, but I haven’t nerved myself to read the comments yet (next week, I promise. I’ll update you then).

So what do homeschooled kids do to entertain themselves during breaks, when it’s too darn cold to go outside?

Behold the Blobs.


This is indoor blowing-off-steam time; Dan and Ben crawl around under comforters making blobby noises and Emily attacks them with her plastic sword.


Inevitably, Blobs go bad and attack each other.



This is the point at which Mom says, “Okay, time for everyone to come do their grammar…”