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Things that annoy me

1. It takes forever to get over the flu.

2. Cough syrup gives me brain fog, with the result that I can no longer write a clear sentence or anything like that.

3. The “z” key on my MacBook has quit working, so I have to keep copying and pasting a “z” whenever I want a “z”. Do you know how irritating that is when you’re writing about Byzantine history and the Ziyarids and Ghaznavids???

4. At my current writing pace, I will be finished with the History of the Medieval World in another 3.5 years.

5. Boys are incapable of finding anything. I mean, the missing object could be tied to their bottom lip with a shoelace and they still wouldn’t see it.

6. I am out of shelf space.

7. I never did get my Valentine’s Day dinner.

8. There is nowhere in Williamsburg where a poor wretched writer can have a cup of tea in the middle of the afternoon as a break from the stacks of Swem.

9. Swem has fluorescent lights.

10. People keep asking me what I think of Gene Nichol.

11. No one who writes Chinese history uses the same transliteration system. Would it have occurred to YOU that Hwai Ti and Jin Huaindi were the same unfortunate emperor?

12. It’s sleeting.