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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

  • There’s a fingernail moon tonight, but the sky is black; an impossibly thick dusting of stars. #
  • Family day today: bringing home German shepherd puppy for DS12. I have mixed feelings. #
  • This puppy is really really really cute. Not that anyone else should get suckered into acquiring one. But he’s all fuzzy and fat and happy. #
  • Puppy has discovered new mother: separate him from DS12 and he howls pathetically. DS12: “There must be something really lovable about me!” #
  • Getting ready to introduce my mother to Powerpoint. Be afraid. Be very, very, very afraid. #
  • I am catching a cold. GROSSLY UNFAIR. #
  • Taking DS12 horseback riding. Ignoring my fresh cold. If I deny it long enough it will cease to exist. #
  • Long morning. Cleaned paddock, mulched strawberries, unloaded new catalogs, did music theory/math/reading, looking forward to naptime. #
  • Getting ready for the Williamsburg conference all day today: #
  • Heading back to Williamsburg for the second and final day of the conference: hope the hotel AC is working a little better today. #
  • Getting ready to do Workshop #9 (in two days). My brain hurts. #
  • Suffering from “conference hangover”: extreme reluctance to get out of bed combined with a desire to never talk again. #
  • Only in Charles City: church member says to me right before sermon, “Hey, I brought you some almost-expired horse wormer for a present!” #

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