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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-24

  • Copyedits: underway. Lots of ’em. How is it possible that I spelled so many medieval names in so many various ways? #
  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy BIRTHDAY deeaaar PEEEEETER, happy birthday to you! #
  • There is a time to acknowledge one’s mistakes. And then there is a time to write STET in big dark letters overtop of one’s original prose. #
  • Copyedits continue: Actually, Ante-Nicene Fathers can NOT be changed to Anti-Nicene Fathers. That’s something else entirely. #
  • More copyedits: When speaking of a child king growing up, is “attained his majority” really an obscure phrase that no one will understand? #
  • More copyedits: Quit closing up my paragraphs! I like them short!! #
  • I’ll never get the which/that difference. Before dozens of people tell me about restrictive clauses: I KNOW, but can’t see ’em, never could. #
  • No wonder the copyeditor is confused. That footnote confuses ME, and I wrote it (I think). #
  • Six straight hours of reading copyedits is enough. My eyeballs hurt. #
  • Heading to Colonial Williamsburg with kids and niece for gingerbread. Nice change from…copyedits. #
  • And so to bed (finally. Yeah, I know it’s only 9 PM). #
  • Grappling w/copyedits: Amazing how the addition of a couple of commas or a single “that” can change the whole feel of a sentence. #
  • Rule devolves to widowed queen: does that sound anti-female? Devolve=pass to, but is it opposite of evolve, as in “all downhill from here”? #
  • Copyedits: “He sent to Heraclius, offering to make peace” and “He sent to Heraclius an offering to make peace” are NOT the same. #
  • Still reading copyedits: Yes, it’s more awkward to say “it seems to have been” rather than “it was.” Also necessary (and prudent). #
  • Still reading copyedits: NO, I do NOT want to use the word “Unbeknownst.” Ever. Really. #
  • Darn. Vet’s on his way to see horses (spring shots and worming). Have to quit reading copyedits. Rats. Shucks. Darn. #
  • Horses vaccinated, dewormed, teeth floated. News: Pony I bought in fall not sedate 14 as promised, but frisky 3-year-old. Horse traders… #
  • Reading copyedits: Yes, I know it’s confusing, but Liutprand King of the Lombards and Liudprand of Cremona are different people. #
  • Wow. I sure do use a lot of reflexive pronouns. And semi-colons. And start sentences with conjunctions. #
  • Side effects of intensive work on copyedits: 1) Easily see lack of continuity/inconsistencies. 2) Develop deep hatred of own prose style. #
  • Finishing copyedits this morning: I really, really want to use “treaty” as a verb. #
  • This copyeditor doesn’t like colloquialisms even a little bit. #
  • AGGH. I keep writing Edmund when I mean Edward and vice versa. Must fix! (This passes for excitement in my life.) #
  • Copyedits are GONE out the DOOR. You’d think I’d feel a huge sense of relief, but mostly I feel peevish and afflicted w/residual resentment. #
  • Border collie breeder says DD8’s puppy ready. SSHHH. SECRET. Can’t get puppy til Monday and if I tell DD8 we’ll have to go THAT VERY MINUTE. #
  • Have tidied office, taken out trash, sorted books, vacuumed up dead bugs/spiders/crickets. Feels great. All ready for the next project. #

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