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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-31

  • Like the rest of the movie going world, I want to know what happened to Christian Bale’s larynx. #
  • Hmm. Now we know why Christian Bale lost it on the set. He was thinking, THIS is my SCRIPT? #
  • So THAT’S how you wipe out super advanced robot. String a rope across the road and trip it. #
  • At least Leonard Nimoy kept his clothes on. #
  • Oh, look. The robot is offering his heart. Now if the Scarecrow offers his brain… #
  • Off the grid today for family day/Memorial Day/first day with new puppy (going to pick her up from breeder this morning). #
  • At the Richmond airport, heading for NYC and BookExpoAmerica. Left husband with four children and two new puppies. Feeling slightly guilty. #
  • Just spent $8 on toothbrush. Next time will go to drugstore on Lex instead of hoity-toity “Chemist” on Madison. #
  • Sun is shining in Bryant Park. Sitting at a table outside the Grill reading Sir Thomas More and wishing I were hungry. #
  • Problem with sitting and writing in cafes: there are too many that are perfect for sitting and writing. I’m very, very full now. #
  • Heading down to the Javits center for BookExpo setup. Not my favorite part of the experience… #
  • Booth set up, ready to go. Heading out now to see Rupert Everett and Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit… #
  • I want to be Angela Lansbury when I’m 84. Amazing command of craft: every movement has a purpose. And she’s so SPRY. And enjoying herself. #
  • Getting ready for the conference opening. Always, first thing: mad rush of freebie-seekers through hall, grabbing everything in sight. #
  • Probably ought to enjoy NYC and head out for night on the town. Instead curled up on 10th floor with old episodes of the Office and cookies. #
  • Sunlight on the tenth-floor patio: notebook, paper, coffee, laptop, blue sky, clean early morning; no demanding voices, no rush. #
  • Darn. Walking out of Norton booth to catch plane, Michael Lewis walking in. Would have liked to trail around after him like crazed fan. #
  • Dislike JFK. Actively HATE Delta. Think they seek out unhappy people to hire. #
  • Must. Get. Out. Of. Bed. Stood in heels on concrete floor for 2 days; body now objecting loudly. Yes, had to wear heels. They were PRETTY. #
  • Got out of bed. Went to church. Went back to bed. Writing: hard work. Publishing: hard work. Publicity: hard work. All three: lethal. #

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