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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-14

  • Heading off the grid for family day. (DD8: “Mommy, today we can do a REALLY BIG PROJECT together!” I am afraid.) #
  • Monday is my day off. Tuesday is my Monday. I’m not crazy about Tuesdays. #
  • Andrew Sullivan, thanks for the book mention: #
  • Just finished my first taekwondo lesson in the company of DD8 and DS15. This is going to be fun. #
  • Looks like today won’t be an off-the-grid creative day after all; too much post-conference catch-up work. Editing, emailing, weeding… #
  • Want to read something truly depressing? #
  • Get up early this morning to write. DS12, appearing: “I think the dog did something all over my rug.” Next 2 hours: labor with carpet foam. #
  • Finished scrubbing & chores, did some concentrated school w/kids. Now they’re playing fort and I’m going to try that writing thing AGAIN. #
  • You can now follow Peace Hill Press on Twitter: #
  • Yesterday afternoon: gave up on to-do list and went to bed. Today: to-do list leering at me from desktop. #
  • I’m going to THROW the TO-DO LIST AWAY. Without crossing stuff off it. And make a new one Tuesday morning. This feels so…transgressive. #

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