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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

  • Monday, family day: heading off the grid now. Without my to-do list. #
  • And the to-do list RETURNS! (cue spooky monster music) #
  • Rediscovering a basic truth: once you become a “real writer,” it gets harder and harder to find time and space for actual writing. #
  • Today is feeling really complicated… #
  • DS15 determined to advance through the taekwando ranks WAY faster than Mom. Yeah, it would probably damage his psyche the other way round… #
  • Heading off the grid to write. I hope. #
  • Picking blueberries for breakfast. #
  • Ate the blueberries. Now watching kids swim. I like summer (mostly). #
  • Considering how to cook two meals for eighteen people simultaneously. Thinking chicken, sausage and swiss chard w/pasta, carrot cake, bread. #
  • Have mixed feelings about my newest Safari update. #
  • Man. Friday afternoons are serious dead time. As in, I can see the corpse of my ambitions to write FLOATING to the surface of the marsh. #
  • DS15, on why he still can’t recognize subject vs. object pronouns: “Well, I never had grammar when I was little.” NOT how I remember it. #
  • Kids/DH helping cousin move, me blitzing on last workbook in series: #
  • There just aren’t any rousing congregational hymns about locusts and invading armies. #
  • From one musical crisis to another: Why are my children wandering around the house singing, “Jesus, Take the Wheel”???? #

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