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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28

  • Getting ready to watch another global-disaster mini-series. I think the moon is going to hit the earth. I LOVE these. #
  • Off the grid for family day (not to be confused with “day off”). #
  • Email box is down to 115 messages! Woo hoo! #
  • DS12 is making pumpkin cookies. #
  • DS12 is eating pumpkin cookies. #
  • Never, never argue with a bad review. Chant fifty times. Repeat ad infinitum. #
  • Darn it, I can’t find my cell phone… #
  • Note to self: When you call lost cell phone, remember that bottom of purse is apparently inside Cone of Silence. #
  • DS12 doing math tutorial by Skype, DS15 writing, DD8 practicing piano, Mom wants to eat brownies. Lots and lots of brownies. #
  • Just unloaded a whole lot of hay. #
  • Time for a writing day. #
  • Actually turning out to be more of a writing-slash-“tell reporters why Governor Sanford’s confession was lame” day #
  • Just did interview for Fox news. 45 minutes of technical troubles, 45 second sound bite, look out for it! #
  • My comments on straying politicians may have gotten bumped by Michael Jackson. After all, in the greater scheme of things… #
  • Library Journal picks up Fox’s slack: #
  • DS15 used my computer, went to practice drums, left himself signed into Facebook. Let’s see…I like the sound of “It’s complicated…” #
  • Last night’s discovery: I probably don’t have a future as a background dancer in music videos. #
  • Oh, what about my music choices is signalling “James Taylor Covers” to you? #
  • DH just took all the kids to see giant toys beat each other up. I love a (temporarily) empty house. #
  • Bummer. 11;20 PM and I am AWAKE. Time to leave my kids random messages on Facebook. #
  • This has been a weepy morning. On a lot of fronts. #

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