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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26

  • Family day today: off the grid. #
  • It would be way easier to go off the grid if business problems didn’t hunt you down, Terminator-like, and shake you around by the throat. #
  • Would be quicker to assemble a Works Cited page if publishers didn’t write publication years as MCMXIV and MCMXXXV and MDCCCLIII. #
  • Wrote this morning. Took kids to lessons this afternoon. Wrapped up day with three hours at Water Country. Seemed like a good idea… #
  • You’d think that “Why was the Count of Anjou so important?” would be an easy question to answer. #
  • There must be a good reason why I wrote “Wittig” on the back of a hair salon appointment card and stuck it into the index of my thesaurus. #
  • Getting ready to make two kinds of fudge simultaneously with large and enthusiastic 12 year old son (taking deep breath before the plunge–) #
  • The fudge is very good, and I need a bath (so do my clothes). #
  • Heading off the grid to write. Mostly about feudalism. #
  • Fulk the Black was not a nice man/He had his little ways/And sometimes no one spoke to him/For days and days and days (apologies A.A. Milne) #
  • I’m thinking now that the lavender nail polish is a bit much, even for toes. #
  • Business meeting by the pool: dogs go in water and shake all over laptops. #
  • My children are all singing “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” Complete with echoes. “Wisconsin!” ( “Consin!) “Fitzgerald!” (“Gerald!”) #
  • Contemplating what to do with a fifty-acre field: Would like to grow hay. Might be one of those “seems like a good idea” moments… #
  • Peacefully writing about Almoravids while all five dogs go berserk outside my chicken-shed office. Might be a skunk. To look or not to look? #
  • NAPTIME! #

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