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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • Check out my updated home page: #
  • Just spent a good part of day off chasing escaped horses through multiple cornfields. Draft horse thinks he is Great Liberator of the Herd. #
  • Hmm. Today, four children need to be in four different places, kind of simultaneously. #
  • Need a few more books: going Swemming today. #
  • Supervising frog dissection, Latin lesson, and math while baking cupcakes that are supposed to have babies on top (long story). #
  • Cupcakes with babies on top turned out well, but it was kind of creepy eating them. #
  • DS12 is engrossed in new book: Ninja cat warriors on quest to save earth. #
  • Paying bills & movie-watching. You know that scene in Two Towers where Legolas grabs the horse's neck & levitates up? Could totally happen. #
  • I'm sure orc-slaughter is unpleasant when you're actually DOING it, but it looks so straightforward and uncomplicated compared w/real life. #
  • May possibly have overdone the "Wash your hands/don't breathe on each other/bleach the doorknobs" speech to the congregation this morning. #

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