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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

  • I remember training young horse at age 15: Woo hoo! Now at 41: Better put cell phone in pocket so ambulance can be summoned quickly. #
  • Today's family day project: Cleaning DD8's room from top to bottom. Can't say I'm filled with warm fuzzy feelings of togetherness just now. #
  • Busy afternoon: DD8 has playdate, DS12 violin lesson, DS 16 voice lesson and then headed to DMV for license test. #
  • It's raining tonight, and there are glowworms in the grass. #
  • In DC at the Willard Intercontinental. If I were Homeland Security, I would so stake out DC hotel bars at 11 PM and listen to the chatter. #
  • Should mention that 1) hotel bar only place serving food between DC & Manhattan at 11 PM and 2) took arugula pizza and slunk away to room… #
  • Getting ready to head down to the Library of Congress for a researcher's card. Have lived near DC most of my life & yet never been. #
  • The main reading room in the Jefferson Building is spectacular. And about 40 degrees. Possibly intended to keep the researchers awake. #
  • Just noticed: I have 666 followers on Twitter. Someone else start following, quick… #
  • Ah, that's better. 667. Back to shivering and reading in the Jefferson. #
  • Home again, home again, children and dogs. #
  • I have absolutely nothing on my mind. Just an empty space there. #
  • Saturday's the last day of my workweek: thus hardest day. Tired. Much stuff to do/kids to teach. Want to eat cookies and then sleep. #
  • 2nd pass of Medieval World is here. Timelines still not right. Trying to think of a suitable expression of frustration besides AAAAAGHGGGHHH #
  • I am cutting and pasting. No, literally, taking scissors and Scotch tape to the Medieval World galleys. Maybe that'll do it. #
  • Watching Kitchen Nightmares on while cutting and pasting. Keeping me from weeping w/frustration-their problems are WAY worse. #
  • Am so done with time lines for the night. Time to go collapse/watch Eureka with Pete/eat potato chips while drooling in brain-dead fashion. #

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