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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • If any W'burgers are headed to the Blue Talon, be sure to order amazing pastry chef Michelle's new Sweet Cheese Plate. I feel human again. #
  • My day off. So what am I doing? Heading to the dentist for a loooong appointment. Whoopee. #
  • Ow. #
  • The baby turns nine today. Happy birthday! #
  • Tree removal guys are here: goodbye to ancient maple next to house. Sniff. (But it was going to mash either house or my office next storm.) #
  • Birthday dinner for DD9: chicken & gravy, mashed potatoes, succotash w/bacon, yellow cake w/strawberry jam & 7-minute icing. Ahhh. #
  • Back to typo-marking in Medieval World. #
  • DS16 doing math with tutor, DS12 working on music theory, DD9 drawing a dragon with construction-paper flames, pizza dough rising on stove. #
  • Have had list of 12 urgent things to do since last Monday. Am on Thing #2. Hoping to finish the remaining 10 tomorrow. What are the chances? #
  • Doing Thing #2. Edit, edit, edit, edit… #
  • On to Thing #3: recopy Christopher's high school transcript and provide narrative course description for college admissions officer… #
  • And Thing #4…checking last-minute proofreader corrections for Writing With East, Workbook 4 (note number synergy!). #
  • OK, my little joke about typos in Writing With Ease kind of fell flat. Never mind. #
  • Sheesh, there are a LOT of people in Williamsburg tonight. Do I brave the Blue Talon, or slink back to unpopulated Charles City? #
  • Just outside my window I can see leaves: scarlet, red-orange, pumpkin-yellow, golden, lemon, still a smattering of green. #
  • Happy thirteenth birthday, Daniel! #
  • Cooking Dan's birthday dinner: chocolate-swirl cheescake, sharp-cheddar mac & cheese, shrimp & mushrooms w/garlic & lemon butter angel hair. #

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