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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15

  • Note to undergrads: Don't email prof on weekend to ask for information that's already in course catalog. Won't help you get into the class. #
  • On 62nd Street in Manhattan, drinking coffee. #
  • Every second woman on Upper East Side wearing tights & kneehigh boots. Honey, don't care how many other women are doing it: NOT a good look. #
  • Undergrad Tip #2: When requesting permission to register for advanced writing class, try not to misspell more than 3 or 4 words in email. #
  • Just finished party + civilized conversation w/amazing W. W. Norton reps: people who read AND have high tolerance for ambient noise. #
  • Late party + early flight = unhappiness. #
  • Flights out of Richmond are always full. Flights into Richmond are never more than half full. How does that work? #
  • Back home to a nor'easter. Paddock knee-deep mud, roof leaking, power blinking on and off, trees bending, general mini-apocalypse #
  • Sheesh. Waiting for the animals to start showing up two by two. #
  • See, now, I think that a "suites hotel" should have, you know…suites in it. Apparently not. Guess I'm sharing w/the kids tonight. #
  • Heading home today from a wedding in Harrisburg; plan to stop at the National Zoo on the way. And look! Blue sky!! #

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