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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-06

  • Monday morning=family day. Bowling? Christmas-tree selection? Settlers? Slug-like posture on sofa w/cookies? Decisions… #
  • Morning: Settlers plus brownies. This afternoon: Fantastic Mr. Fox plus dinner at the Greenleaf (kids' favorite: I can take or leave). #
  • No time to Tweet today. #
  • Darn it, I just found ANOTHER Indian empire I've never heard of. #
  • And…now too brain-dead to tweet. #
  • Brain-dead state yesterday doesn't really bode well for off-the-grid creative day today. #
  • Brain is still mostly dead. #
  • Just cooked dinner w'friends (pasta w/brilliant alfredo sauce, risotto w/roasted butternut squash & greens, shrimp, excellent pumpkin soup). #
  • Working at the Williamsburg Regional Library. Nice and warm in here. Raining and 39 degrees out there. #
  • An hour ago, I didn't know that the capital of Ahmadnagar was occupied by Mughals in 1600, forcing shift of the capital to Junnar. Now I do. #
  • Just back from late library night. Puttering around upstairs, son appears w/complaint: I'm keeping him awake w/noise. We call this "irony." #
  • Annunciation Sunday. Problem w/singing The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came: can always hear Sting's version in my head & his is much cooler. #
  • 1. Losing my voice. 2. It's clouding over. Again. 3. Maryland playing Villanova tonight. It will be SAD (for MD fans). 4. Losing my voice. #

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